Computer – Web Training

Would be nice to know what they are talking about!

At least once a month I hear of a small business owner paying for web services they do not need because they have no idea ‘exactly’ what they are paying for – but it sounded good!   It’s tough to make a good decision when you have no idea what the other person is talking about???

My clients remind me often how much they benefit from my ability to translate ‘geek’ into understandable English.  And because of the recent increase in training requests, I have developed a ‘beginner’ training session designed specifically for small business owners.  This workshop will accommodate no more than 6 people and designed to easily include all levels of staff.   Why no more than 6 people?  I want everyone to get a chance to participate.  It is a very interactive seminar requiring input from all.  In fact, what makes it successful IS the input from all participants.


A brief video about ‘Web Biz-sense‘.

  •     Web-Biz-Sense



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