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The Strategic Planning GroupThe Strategic Planning Group

Strategic planning advisers and consultants to business and government.


 MurraysMurray’s Music

Goodfoot stomping music‘!  This web site is a ‘work in progress’ and most likely will always be.   Put on your dancing shoes –    Enjoy!!:)

Mississauga Classic Car ClubMississauga Classic Car Club

You really need to check out these wonderful classic cars. . “everything that is old is new again!”  

Galleria Centregalleria

Galleria Centre is not only a new ‘global’ shopping centre located in Mississauga – it is also a community centre. 

Lucidity Communicationslucidity

Training and coaching in NLP and more!!! Company currently located in Rhode Island but Canada is also called ‘home’.

CQB Firearms Training Associates cqb-new-sm

CQB courses now available in Canada – includes Standard and custom courses.
Algonquin Great Healing agh

Healthy, Natural Products – Mother Nature at her best! Now you don’t have to visit Algonquin Park – you can buy on-line! 
The Glenvale PlayersThe Glenvale Players

A non-profit theatrical group comprising blind, vision impaired, sighted members as well as persons with other disabilities, who share an interest in theater arts.  
Mul-T-MatMul-T-Mat & Supply Co.

One of the largest matting distributors in Canada – anti-fatigue and safety mats. More than just mats, they supply restaurant and signage supplies – and have been in business for over 30 years.

Highlands East Art & Studio Tourheact14

HEACT has a new look. This tour  boasts some of the best artists and craftspeople in Ontario. All artists – local residents and cottagers are welcome to join.

APELAPEL Touch Therapy 

A new way to feel good, and add some balance to your life. Even helps your pets! Still lots of info to add, but you might enjoy a free ‘Meditation Vacation”.
Burke’s Gun Oil,Burke's Gun Oil web site

Although this is marketed as an oil excellent for guns, it can be used on any product that requires a light oil.  Now you can BUY ON-LINE!
Log & Wood Home RestorationLee Duncan Log & Wood Home Restoration

Now there is experienced help available to log and wood home owners so that they can restore or maintain their beautiful investments.
Black BookkeepingIn The Black Bookkeeping

A bookkeeping business in Toronto. Great service for consultants and those who need experienced bookkeeping help.
moparPerformance Mopar

A new web site showing off the classic ‘Mopar’.  Naturally, this is a ‘never ending’ project’ – but the cars represent true enjoyment.

Scoffield ConsultingScoffield Consulting

A consultant specializing in marketing, strategy development and team training. As much as I like the clean look of this site, I quite enjoyed the quotes at the bottom of each page.
cedarlogCedar Log Structures

Homes raised in Canada.
One at a time.  One of a kind.
Built with family pride.
CustomerConteXCustomer ConteX

A Toronto educational consulting firm, technical training, custom-designed customer service relationship strategies…..and more. Lots of experience – lots of know-how.
St. Benedict Biscop Benedictine Corporation

One of Canada ‘s most sought-after property land sale and petroleum product consulting service companies.  A very classy global land development corporation.

Dolliver SurveyingDolliver Surveying Inc. 
Ontario Land Surveyors located in Halton Hills (Acton), Ontario.
Anda EngineeringAnda Engineering Ltd. 

AutoCAD, HVAC,Plumbing designs, etc. Site designed to match business card.

InfoSourceInfo Source DirectFirst Aid Pocket Guide 

A great concept as an advertising and business promotion tool – handy and useful.
The Oil Spot, eh?The Oil Spot, eh?

Canadian automotive books and articles- BUT you have to check out the trivia page! This site is for the ‘car-without-computer‘ buff – brought to you by James Mays, award winning writer and publisher. 
 W&R Stone CarversW&R Stone Carvers located near Denbigh

Quality, custom stone and wood carving – everything from monuments to home entrance signs. Very different – nice combination of art and practicality!
….more to come….