Good words about hosting

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I am always amused by the fact that even if my clients move to other designers, they all come back for help from me…. go figure 😮 However, recently, it was BlueHost who came to the rescue – which is not a bad thing considering I originally recommended their hosting program. Nonetheless, it was nice to hear that they still have great tech support and by the time they were through with helping,

the client, she was totally thrilled and couldn’t stop raving about them and thanking me. Love stuff like this – makes me look good 🙂

Toooo many ‘upgrades’

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For some reason everyone seems to be in a frenzy to ‘upgrade’ either their software, programs, web sites, services – you name it.  And for some reason, they have all forgotten the saying ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix”.  But what is most startling is that the people doing the ‘upgrade’ don’t seem to consider ’cause and effect’ and unfortunately the majority of  ‘final results’ are not good and I would guess, opposite to original goals.  Several popular on-line ‘up-graded’ programs are now causing havoc resulting in many unhappy users – just what we need after a very, very long winter 🙁  One such upgrade is the latest to WordPress – I have had to notify all my clients to not upgrade WordPress to the latest 3.9.  It is just sad.

Unexpected Anti-Virus Service

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Last week I got attacked by a really annoying virus. IF my mouse happened to go near a link, I would get a pop-up ad and even normal ‘good’ links on a web page would not work correctly and banners were inserted at top of pages – it was very, very annoying and made research extremely time-consuming and aggravating.

My anti-virus program is Kaspersky and so I contacted them for help. It seems that they have a ‘support’ program that assigns a techi to go in and ‘fix’ your computer. Now… it does cost but no more than the usual geek squad visit. Lady techi was located in Sault St. Marie – we talked on the phone, she walked me through giving her computer access and she was off and running. I watched as my mouse moved all over the screen, she updated programs, removed bad

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stuff, re-booted several times – you name it, she did it. It was amazing to watch and within 1 hour my computer was totally fixed!!! I highly recommend.

A surprise discovery!

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Recently was doing research for a client to find a special ‘add-on’ for his web site and ended up revisiting a software company called ‘CoffeeCup Software’. I had dealt with them about 10 years ago, but haven’t really done much since. I figured it might be an option to try one of their ‘free’ software and, as will happen being new to that particular software, was having a slight problem using it. I decided to write for some help –

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never really expecting to get any.

AND surprise, surprise!!!! This is a very unique company that actually stands by their products even if it is the ‘free’ version!!! I received the same level of help that I normally get from other companies as a ‘paying’ customer. These CoffeeCup guys actually care. So – if you are looking for some software to use designing, menus, forms…. whatever…. I would highly recommend CoffeeCup Software.


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Putting together the first ‘done by dale’ newsletter.

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smells for BEFORE acne chair for brought use This recommend.

I receive many newsletters but the one I actually ‘read’ is a short, concise newsletter that is very interesting and sometimes entertaining. Newsletters/e-mails that go on and on and on and on….. well… I’m gone after the second paragraph. So you can guess that my newsletter will short, sweet and to the point – AND only issued once a month. At least that’s the plan! 🙄


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