CEO of done by dale Web Design

Dale Campbell, CEO of done by dale Web Design

When I first started designing web sites in 1998, I had no idea how important the internet would become – but I loved the creative process and discovered creating web sites allowed me to effectively use ALL my previous skills, education and work experience.

Fast forward to 2016 and the internet has evolved with almost all businesses either have or 'need' a web site.  And, of course, everything sounds so ‘easy’ – build it and they will come.  Nice slogan, but not always true.

Reality is that many small business owners feel intimidated by technology and overwhelmed by all the details.  That’s how many of my clients land on my doorstep.  They want someone who understands business as well as technology; someone who has ‘been there – done that’;  someone to guide them through this gauntlet of internet choices so that their company web site works for their needs and they understand what is going on - in plain English.

Web sites that once were just ‘pretty pictures’, now require marketing strategy, search engine optimization, interactive designs, social media and more.  But truth be told, the best web sites still consist of a good dash of common sense and solid business know-how.

This may all seem like pretty heavy ‘stuff’ – after all, we are only talking about a web site!   And you are right – it is only a web site – just what I thought when I began…

sipWhat makes all this so important?    It’s simple – it’s all about people.