... what a few of our clients have to say about us...

James Mays, President, Syam Publishing Limited The Oil Spot, eh? 

Marvin Vader, President (now retired), Mul-t-Mat & Supply Co. – wishes to ‘second‘ this reference.

“My web site has increased income by 20%.

I used to be skeptical about web sites. My first one was awful; the second one even worse. Since Dale took on the job, it has made all the difference in the world. She is terrific.


If you have a poorly performing web site, like I did, Dale Campbell is the best web mistress on six continents. Dale works ‘with’ her clients – her concepts are brilliant; her fees are reasonable.”

“If your web site isn’t donebydale — let me tell you — you’re being ‘done in’ by someone else!” 


David Burke , General Manager, D. Burke EnterprisesBurke’s Gun OilCQB Fire Arms Training Associates and First Aid Pocket Guide 

“Dale is not just a designer, she is able to get way past the design function and focus on the overall purpose and objectives of the web site. It seems to us that Dale excels as a conceptual thinker and idea engineer. Proof of this is the very positive feedback we have received on our web sites that Dale helped and guided us in developing. And now we are No. 1 on Google!

Dale has the ability to bring fresh concepts, ideas and solution oriented thinking to any web site function. We strongly recommend her as a candidate for your next project or job requirement.”

Kim & Wilma Warne – Soundings – Soap Stone Carvings 

“We were looking for someone who would help us with a complete revamping of our website.

Dale Campbell was recommended to us. We are delighted that we made the choice to go with her. She finished the project on time, within budget and with a great deal of creativity and attention to detail. Above all – she is a team player and really listens.

Our site downloads quickly and is easy to navigate – traffic to our site is more than we could imagine – business has really improved and we have met our goals. All this because our web site was done by dale!”

Dawn Waffle, B.A., Marketing Manager, Cedar Log Structures

“I cannot believe how much business our website has generated. Dale has done an incredible job in promoting our company. We get more exposure than many larger log home companies, because of her expertise. “

Betty Cornelius, President/Chair – CANGRANDS 

“In early 2003, Dale took over the responsibility of the Cangrands web site. With each passing year more and more grandparents take over the care of their grandchildren and CANGRANDS is on-line to help thanks to Dale. She was the answer to my prayers.

Dale is the best non-grandparent volunteer we could have ever hoped for. If you have not checked out our website (www.cangrands.com ) lately, please do so.  I always get feedback from the MEDIA and others, on how professional and informative our website is. Thank you Dale “

Tom Newman – South Algonquin Backpackers

“Originally, done by dale Web Design was hired to do the Maynooth Business Association web site in 1999 – one of the first organization web sites in the region. Although this web site would be considered by most designers as a small project, ‘done by dale’ provided assistance, graphics, acquired photos, content, software, training – more than would normally be expected.

When my present web site ran into trouble, it was Dale who came to my rescue. She sorted out my web site, content, hosting – you name it! Other web designers should take lessons in customer service from Dale.”

Mary Lysne , Communications Director, Rainy Lake Conservancy (web site maintenance provided by done by dale Web Design)

“You are the best and most amazing and to-be-commended worker a person could have on his team. Thank you so much. “

Joe Shulman, Chairman, Maynooth Business Association

” Now I realize why you’re called Done by Dale.

All your responses to my requests have been “done”.

Danielle Vermette MA, PHR, IDT (Peak Performance Systems)

Currently Training Development Manager at Stephenson’s Rental Services Ltd

Peak Performance Systems was debating on overhauling our web site. Dale was referred to us and we never looked back. She paid attention to our ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ and made sure our site was not only ‘search engine friendly’, but just as important, ‘user friendly’. We took full advantage of her creativity and web business ‘savvy’ and needless to say, we were very pleased with the results.

Donna Spence – Canadian Burn Survivors Association (2000)

“I needed help and there she was! Dale graciously volunteered to help me put up a web site. I’m sure she thought it was going to be a small site just to give us a presence on the web. And, of course, I wanted everything! Somehow she always manages to come through for me – my Web Angel! I got a standing ovation at the World Burn Congress (California/2000) for my web site. I only wished that she had been there to receive the applause. She deserved it.”

.NOTE: Unfortunately CBSA does not seem to be operating these days. Too bad – a lot of work and tears went into trying to help burn survivors.

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